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    Growing with You - Learn, Borrow, Insure

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy training on personal finance, savings, loans, investment, and insurance for SMEs

SME Loans

Digital financing is easy to access, and repayment terms are tailored to the MSME's needs.


Insurance training and service provision - linking MSMEs to insurance products that matter to them building resiliance

About us

In a world where access to financial services is often hindered by bureaucracy and predatory lending practices, Fanaka emerges as a beacon of hope for Zambia's micro and small enterprises (MSMEs). Fanaka is a partner to these SMEs providing them with what they need to succeed, with financial literacy component that also works as an initial credit assessment tool, combined with paperless application process through loan officer’s mobile app, a fast credit processing period, use of mobile money for payments and a flexible repayment plan that understands the needs of SMEs. Additionally. We also build SMEs resilience by linking them to insurance products they need. Fanaka is not just a financial platform; it's a catalyst for change, poised to redefine the landscape of financial inclusion in Zambia and Africa.